We love connecting with people to create amazingly awesome customer experiences—It's all we do. 

We don't do branding, or make websites, or create apps, or redesign office spaces, and everything else under the sun. We design and improve service experiences together with your team... and we're "frankly fantastic" at it. —Or at least, that's what we've been told. 

Collabo Creative is an Indianapolis-based, Service Design company that specializes in Design Thinking and Design Research. We deliver deep, qualitative insights about customers and users that inform the creation of impactful products, services and experiences.

The team at Collabo Creative has been a pivotal partner in helping our organization take our customer experience strategy to the next level. They have they partnered with us on a variety of successful projects, but more importantly Terri and Pam have helped us change the way we think about our work to be more effective as individuals and as a team. Highly recommend!

Nick Mccallum
Sr. Consultant, Experience Design at IU Health

Our mantra—Design Better Together—is an articulation of our constant pursuit for inclusive, people-centered approaches to developing new experiences that delight your customers.

Our focus is
Service Design 

Our parents always told us, “if you’re going to do something, be the best at it.”

Service Design is that thing for us. It’s all we do, seriously. If you catch us at a coffee shop, studio, board room or classroom, chances are we’re working with people to understand more about their experiences in order to design better future ones. 

The world of Service Design is our dojo, and as Collabo, we take pride in saying, “we’re the Service Design masters.” You can easily say it’s our specialty. When you call us, we bring all that experience and service design-fu to work for you.

In our careers so far, we’ve successfully led over hundreds of projects leveraging people-centered design in a wide-range of contexts from patient experience, to employee experience, to student experience, and of course customer and brand experience.

We've been around for a while and watched as our industry has grown over the past decade. What we've found is that there are two common trends to look out for when selecting a service design consultant or firm to work with.

The big-name agency with a big price tag … that gives you a “stock” service.

They’re well known for flying in one of their many squads at a premium price to tell you what you need and often provide you with an off-the-shelf solution that five other companies now have.

The always-evolving “imposter” agency that rebrands to sell whatever service is trending … despite any real experience or proof of efficacy.

They offer “anything you want”—but as the old adage goes, a jack of all trades is a master of none and they often leave you with un-amazing results.

Most consultants we work with come in and take over, like they know everything. Working with you all, this felt like it was our project, not yours. Like you were helping us to achieve our objectives and goals, not your own."

You're special, so we treat you that way

Built on a culture of curiosity and true collaboration, we abide by the platinum rule... treat others as they want to be treated.

As a boutique firm, we're nimble and highly engaged with every project at the highest levels in our organization—meaning, you work with our leaders. Yet, we're still big enough to deliver quality, tailored experiences for some of the largest organizations in the country. 

With Collabo on your side, you'll never get an over-priced, off-the-shelf solution or a thinly-veiled rebrand of something else. Because Service Design is all we do, and because we have the know-how, we custom-tailor every component of our service to you.

We use our unique participatory approach to understand you as well as your customers—and we’re constantly adapting to meet your needs. We shape meetings, research methods, insights, presentations, strategy documents, and correspondence relative to your challenges and your organization’s M.O.  

We're thought leaders & educators

Because we’re truly passionate about what we do, we contribute and give back to our industry and beyond.

We foster other can-doers and design-minded folks like you. Not only does Collabo create some of the most engaging methods in the service design field, we write, publish, preach, and profess about them as well.

We’re natural design nerds who love to profess about design—therefore, we’re professors, literally. Our Collabo co-founders both serve as graduate-level faculty for Indiana University’s Herron School of Art & Design. On the regular, they’re shaping curriculum for future designers—and have been able to execute those learnings with students from high-school to Sr. level executives. Nearly everyone in Indy practicing Design Thinking and Service Design has been taught and tutored by the pair.

We have been invited to present and share our work at countless design conferences around the world, including: Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Italy, Ireland, Norway, and even the U.S. Pentagon!

 The "Collabros"

We believe in getting the right people on the bus. So, our team is carefully curated to include passionate, multi-talented design thinkers. The range of our expertise spans from Design Strategists, to Design Researchers, and Visual Designers.

we're honored to have partnered with many great people at: 

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