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How Company Culture Impacts Customer Experience
Definition of culture: the actions, behaviors, beliefs, and values that distinguish one group of people from anotherWhat does your team[...]
How Creativity Can Help Get You the Results You’re Looking For
As we continue our stay-at-home orders, we can't help but notice how others are thinking outside the box to change[...]
How to Gain Trust with your Customers
Given the current state we're in with continuing stay-at-home orders in Indy, we thought it might be a good time to[...]
Stay Connected During Quarantine
How are you staying connected with friends and loved ones during self isolation?We're human. We're social.​It's not easy staying isolated[...]
How to Practice Gratitude During Quarantine
Are you wondering how to stay healthy physically and mentally while practicing social distancing?   Some of you may be[...]
Simple Tips to Improve Your Well-Being During Quarantine
Are you wondering how to stay healthy physically and mentally while practicing social distancing?  Some of you may be feeling[...]
COVID-19: How will you overcome adversity?
Everyone’s telling us that these are unprecedented times. And to some extent, maybe they are and... maybe they’re not. As a[...]
Here’s a list of the Top 10 Obstacles People Face in the Workplace
Nobody's workplace is perfect. Here's a list of the top ten obstacles people deal with at work. Sound familiar?  1.[...]
How do you deal with Difficult People?
At Collabo, we're all about inclusivity and empathy for others. We love our people! As many of us know, some[...]
Solve Your Problems By Drawing Them Out
Have you ever felt like you've been too quick to judge a situation? Or maybe you've been presented with a[...]
What to do with data
Ever felt like you're drowning in data? Seems like everything's being tracked nowadays, from footsteps to net promoter scores. There's an[...]
What Makes The Best Facilitator?
Your boss just told you that your team is gonna launch a new amazing product with an awesome new partner![...]
Need more buy-in? Flip your challenges into opportunities.
Have you ever had to be the bearer of bad news?​Sucks, doesn’t it? No one really wants to be the messenger[...]
Make Your Meetings Count With These Simple Tricks
If you work on a team, meetings are unavoidable. Some can be great, and some.. not so great. Let's talk[...]
How to Understand Your Customers Better
Did you know understanding your customer can help improve your business?Of course, we all know that understanding clients helps improve[...]
Terri and Niki’s Books to Read This 2020
Need some reading recommendations for 2020 that will help you shift into a designer mindset? We are always scrolling through[...]
The Secret Weapon For Making Boring Meetings Enjoyable
It’s Wednesday, and we are at it again with another episode of #CollaboClips! This week, we have a new host..Terri is[...]
Focusing On Feelings To Stay Motivated
Focusing on Feelings to Stay MotivatedCollabo Clips — Episode 23It's the third Wednesday of the new year. Hope your 2020[...]
Shift Your Mindset And Stay Motivated This 2020
Shift Your Mindset To Stay Motivated For Those 2020 GoalsCollabo Clips — Episode 22We made it a week into 2020.[...]
Get Your 2020 Started Off Right
Get Your 2020 Started Off Right Collabo Clips — Episode 21 Well, 2019 has come and gone.. that sure went[...]
Creative Games That Make Great Gifts!
Creative Games That Make Great Gifts Collabo Clips — Episode 19 Need a last minute creative gift idea that you[...]
Understand Your Customer’s Journey
Understand Your Customer's Journey Collabo Clips — Episode 18 This week we're dropping an episode on maps. Customer Journey Maps[...]
Tapping Into Your Inclusive Mindset
Tapping Into Your Inclusive Mindset Collabo Clips — Episode 17 Do you ever feel like your workplace isn't as inclusive[...]
Discover your potential and get into growth mindset
Shift Your Mindset From Fixed To Growth Collabo Clips — Episode 15Featuring: Sara Armstrong with Idea of You Coaching "Circle[...]
Destress your life and boost creativity through curiosity
"Circle the one that doesn't belong"... Gee, that seems a little judgmental. Can you remember that learning activity from early[...]
Tap into your action mindset
How to overcome fear and get to action now! Collabo Clips — Episode 14Featuring: Sara Armstrong with Idea of You CoachingHave[...]
Be more innovative using your designerly mindset
Need to be more innovative? Just change your mindsetCollabo Clips — Episode 13Ever feel like you're constantly putting out fires[...]
Using Mindfulness To Strengthen Creativity
The easiest way to be more creative Collabo Clips — Episode 12 Have you ever been "hangry"? You know, hungry[...]
Where Does Your Creativity Come From?
Where Does Your Creativity Come From? Picture this: You're bouncing ideas back and forth with your team when suddenly the[...]
How To Get More Out Of Team Brainstorms
How To Get More Out Of Team BrainstormsImagine you're in a brainstorm with your team to come up with a[...]
How Service Design Impacts Healthcare
How Service Design Impacts Healthcare An interview with Stephanie Adams Do you work in healthcare? Have you been wondering how[...]
What’s this whole “creativity” thing all about?
Have you been hearing a lot about Creativity lately? Maybe you're wondering if you're creative enough? Or, perhaps you're worried[...]
What is Design Thinking?
Want to solve problems better, faster, and have some fun too?Meet Design ThinkingDo you ever find yourself getting stuck trying[...]
Why Service Design
Why Service Design is SO important for your businessDo you ever find yourself going to the same store over and[...]
What is Service Design
What the heck is Service Design?!Service... what? Service Design? What's that? How do you eat it?  ​Have you been wondering[...]
Get More Engagement
Want to get more community members involved in your programs? Try this...  Have you ever created events, meetings, initiatives or[...]
Better Community Input
Want better input from your community members? Write better prompts. Ever been in a community meeting or brainstorm that felt chaotic[...]
Enjoy Community Meetings
How to get the most out of your community meetingsHave you ever been to one of those meetings where you[...]
Build Community Personas
The one thing you need to do before planning any kind of community engagement initiativeHave you struggled with getting your[...]
5 Best Practices for an Insightful Interview
5 Best Practices for an Insightful InterviewHow do companies implement Customer Experience Research to get the insight they need to[...]
Catching Up With Graduate Of Design Thinking Everyday Workshop
Customer ResearchErica attended Collabo Creative's Design Thinking Jumpstart program in October of 2018. In an interview with Maria, Erica shares her[...]
Patient Journey Mapping is a Path to Better Patient Care
Patient Journey Mapping is a Path to Better HealthcareYou're up to date on HCAHPS, but do you know what they're[...]
Change Your Life in 2019
Change Your Life 2019We’re always iterating at Collabo Creative, and we’re always looking for more and better ways to work[...]
One Intern’s View of How Collabo Walks the Talk
One Intern's View on How Collabo Walks the TalkWe believe in helping develop the design community in Indianapolis. One of[...]
Label Your Data, Not Your People
Label Your Data, Not Your PeopleAs strong believers in the process of co-design, we often find ourselves balancing different perspectives,[...]
Where to Start with Design Thinking Reads
Where to Start with Design Thinking ReadsDuring our last Collabo Book Club, Ali (our fantastic visual experience designer) asked us,[...]
The Design Thinking Mindset
The Design Thinking MindsetOnce a week at Collabo, we hold our own in-house collaborative sessions called “Design Better Together (DBT)[...]

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