The Design Thinking Everyday Jumpstart is a 1 week program that prepares you to approach your everyday life, like a Design Thinking ninja—able to solve challenges with ease, rally teams to build engagement, and inspire innovation throughout your organization ... every single day. 

“Design pays. The outperformance of design-led companies suggests that good design continues to be good business.” — McKinsey&Co, 2018 Quarterly Five Fifty Report

What can Design Thinking Everyday jumpstart for you? 

As an organization grows, creative and innovative activities oftentimes shrink in contrast.  However, many of the most innovative companies overcome this challenge by leveraging Design Thinking to build design-led organizations. 

Ever feel like your team struggles to think outside of the box? Do you wish that you could operate like a design-led organization? Or, do you wish innovating and solving problems collaboratively could be both easier and faster—and maybe even a little more fun?

Design Thinking Everyday enables you to ...

  • Resolve problems faster and with better results
  • Work better together in teams
  • Increase productivity during meetings
  • Adapt easily to change so you don't get left behind

Equip your teams to innovate smarter, faster and more effectively through design-led practices. 

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Who is this program for? 

+  Teams looking to work better together, see greater results and find new ways to conduct productive, collaborative meetings

+  Leaders who want to build design-led teams and leverage their own people in problem solving (in other words, stop hiring so many consultants)

+  Intrapreneurs that want to knock down barriers to creative thinking within their organization and be seen as invaluable, innovative leaders 

+  Individuals that know about Design Thinking but have yet to apply it in their work setting

How you'll benefit from the Design Thinking Everyday Jumpstart program

Through this unique program, you and your teams will cultivate design thinking skills that are easily applied in the real world

What you’ll take away...

Modular Design Framework
for adapting design thinking to the needs of your projects
(not just a generic process)

Core Mindsets for Innovation
creativity and growth

Design Thinking Skills
that drive creative problem solving and collaboration

Practical Approaches
 for engaging people in design thinking

Facilitation Best Practices
for leading design thinking

Be the Ultimate Meeting Guru

Be an Opportunity Finding Fiend

Be a Champion of Change

Be an Innovation Ambassador

Be a Conquerer of Complexity

Be a Problem-Solving Ninja

Build the mindset and foundational skills to operate like a design thinking ninja—every single day.

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We designed this program especially for super busy types like you. 

It’s a week long program but you spend only 2 days in “class.” 

You’ll start on a Thursday and finish the following Thursday. In the time between classes, you’ll try out the skills from day 1 in your everyday life. When you come back for day 2, you’ll learn to lead groups using those skills. While it’s not homework, participants are expected to participate in practical application assignments in between the two program days. 

Continental breakfast and lunch is provided for in-class days. 

Here's an overview of what the program week looks like:

Class Day 1 

Thursday, October 4 

Get hands-on with design thinking mindsets and skills to solve everyday challenges

Take Action Week


Back to work for one week to try out your new skills and techniques through practical assignments

Class Day 2

Thursday, October 11 

Learn by doing and start to lead like a design thinking facilitator

This one-of-a-kind, intimate jumpstart program has only 8 seats available...

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Meet Your Design Thinking Everyday Jumpstart Facilitators

The Design Thinking Everyday Jumpstart is led by expert facilitators with rich experience in both teaching and practicing design thinking, so you won't need to worry that you're learning from a novice. Your program instructors are the best of both worlds, they teach what they practice and they practice what they teach—no lengthy lectures or dry presentations here! Your team will stay engaged during both interactive training days and will walk away with skills that can be applied to their own challenges the very same day.

Terri Wada

Pamela Napier

Terri and Pam have helped hundreds of professionals, ranging from staff to senior-level executives, shift their ways of working toward a design thinking approach. Nearly everyone in Indy practicing design thinking and service design has been taught or tutored by the pair.

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$975 person

The Design Thinking Everyday Jumpstart is an intimate program specifically designed to accommodate only 10 participants. This is the first jumpstart of it's kind and may not be held again at this introductory price. So be sure to reserve your spot early!

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What's included with the program? 

  • A printed copy of the Design Thinking Everyday workbook
  • Invitation to the Design Thinking Everyday mastermind group so you can continue learning and connect to other design thinking ninjas
  • Access to Collabo Creative's Design Better Together online resource library, filled with tools and tips for continuing your everyday practice
  • Design Thinking Everyday certificate (upon completion) so you can prove that you have the skills to pay the bills
  • plus
    New skills and techniques that will change the way you and your team think and work every single day 

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