Why? Because everyone has a little creative innovator inside.

our mission is to unleash the often untapped power of these innovative spirits

Our Values

We are the longest standing Service Design and Design Research company established within the state of Indiana. Over the past 5 years, we have grown from an ambitious two-person start-up, to an internationally-known research group that continues to grow, primarily through the referrals of our amazing clients.

At our core, we are a research and design strategy company that is built on a culture of curiosity and true collaboration. Our position and mantra—Design Better Together—is an articulation of our constant pursuit of and value for inclusive, people-centered approaches to developing new experiences that are meaningful and delight “users,” or better put, the folks that ultimately benefit from your department and institution. We believe in the potential of everyday people to identify challenges, create innovative solutions, and bring about meaningful change.

People are experts of their own experiences

“People are not passive consumers of design, they are active designers of their own world— and always have been.”

-- Jane Fulton Suri

All people have the ability to design

“The capacity to design, in short, is in innumerable ways at the very core of our existence as a species.”

-- John Heskett

Design with people not for people

“Whatever you decide to do, don’t do it alone... We’re all designers now. ”


Our Company Profile

Based in Indianapolis, Collabo Creative is a Service Design company that specializes in Design Thinking & User Research. We deliver deep, qualitative insights that inform the design of impactful products, services and strategies. To carry out this work, we have carefully crafted a unique and nimble team that is specially skilled in various collaborative and creative techniques. Take a look at what we're made of!


Terri Wada
President & Cofounder

Pamela Napier
VP of Operations & Cofounder